About this documentation

User guides

This readthedocs site hosts information on the gridtools user documentation for working with MOM6 ocean model grids. The MOM6 user guide provides a high-level overview of the model as well as the API reference (documentation of source code).

Download, compile and run

The gridtools python library installation tutorial provides a step by step process.

Additional details on the conda package management tool and pip installation process for the gridtools library can be found here.

Optional packages

If the packages below are not installed, the gridtools library capabilities will become limited to classes and functions that do not require the optional packages.

FRE-NCtools: Tools for manipulating and creating netCDF inputs for FMS managed models. [GeophysicalFDLGFDLMSGroup21]

xesmf: Universal Regridder for Geospatial Data.

xgcm: Python package for analyzing general circulation model output data.