datasource module

class gridtools.datasource.DataSource

Bases: object

addDataSource(newDataSource, delete=False)

Add a new dataset to the catalog. This will not delete an exisiting dataset unless the delete flag is True. A complete description must be provided as the named dataset will completely replace any existing map if the delete flag is True.


This removes any empty/null values from the catalog prior to saving or printing the values.


This clears the current catalog.

loadCatalog(inFile, append=True, overwrite=False)

Loads catalog entries from a json or yaml file. Default behavior is only append entries (append=True). Any duplicate entries are ignored (overwrite=False). If you wish to only overwrite existing entries use append=False and overwrite=True. Using append=False and overwrite=False will do nothing. To append and/or replace entries use append=True and overwrite=True.


Save currently stored catalog to a file in the chosen format by the extension. Supported extensions are: json, yaml