Jupyter Mask Editor

Once a model grid is read and a map projection created, the application can be launched with these commands in a jupyter notebook cell:

# Import needed python modules
import os, sys
from gridtools.gridutils import GridUtils
from gridtools.app import maskEditor
import cartopy.crs as ccrs

# Set a map projection for the mask editor
map_crs = ccrs.Orthographic(-160, 90)

# Create the mask editor
appObj = maskEditor(crs=map_crs, ds=grd.grid['mask'])
app = appObj.createMaskEditorApp()

The map editor should display after the cell is run.


For more information, see “Edit a grid mask using Jupyter”.


If the application does not show, the jupyter lab session may need to be restarted. Errors in the gridtools library also may prevent the application from showing.